About Us

The Little Piece of Heaven Fjords Farm started as a dream................

Gail had wanted a horse since she was 13 and never had the opportunity to own one as she had lived in the city all her life; that was until Gail met Bob and Kellen and we moved to Wildwood, Alberta.

That’s another story all in its own to share around the campfire someday.

We came out and felt at home on this little piece of land by the river and thought of this place as a little piece of heaven. We get all kinds of visitors, wild and tame............

When we decided to look for a horse for Gail, a new friend told us about some people that had a horse that was as gentle as could be.

She fell in love with the breed after meeting one of the most beautiful horses she had ever seen. Her name was Babe and she was the only horse that had ever hugged her.

Well, we were both smitten and wanted to know more about these personable and beautiful horses, so we went on the search to find out just what a fjord was.

We had heard from our new friends and neighbours that every once in a while a fjord or two would go through the local auction, so off we went to see what was going through the ring.

This was where we found our second fjord cross who is Honey, she is a Clyde fjord cross and at the same time we got carried away and brought home a few more horses.

Another story for the campfire. Gail cannot go to the auction any more.

The more we found out about Norwegian Fjords the more we fell in love with them, so the real dream started we went looking for some purebreds.
That's when we found Lost Trail's Aksel a purebred yearling stallion.

And the dream continues on................

 We also raise Highland Angus cattle hormone free. Check out the album pictures!